About Us

N.S.R.College of Education ,One of the Educational Institutions under Vivek Vardhini Education Society

N.S.R. College of Education was established by Vivek Vardhini Education Society on 24th December, 1972. It was the first private College of Education affiliated to Osmania University. Appereciating the efforts of the College, Government had released aid in due couse later, which made this college a Private Aided college and  produce hundreds of teachers from its premises. It had full fledged staff, recruited and aided by the then A.P government. It has successfully produced many committed teachers in its 34 years of service to Teacher education.

The college has a great record of producing very effecient teachers, directors, senior level officers. Alumni of N.S.R. College of Education are working in various important positions in private and government institutions. The college has well equipped Computer Lab, Language lab, Biology, Physics, Social and Psychology laboratories, library. N S R College of Education derives its strength from  the highly qualified ,committed and experienced faculty.


All the senior  lecturers have presented papers in a number of seminars and conferences. They have authored a number of  books too.

All the senior lecturers have Ph.D and two of these lecturers :Dr.katyayani.R.K and Dr.P.Yakiah served as  Research Guides and five to six research scholars were already awarded Ph.D under the guidance of each of these Research guides


Valuable guidance of SriAnand Kulkarni, Chairman of College Commottee, N.S.R. College of Education makes the the college run in a smooth and effective manner.